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! Hm.. New York... i think i'll take some chocolate cusion, though, i feel like i can take a small bite, but i want a full pot, i really don't want to do any drivebys, i mean, how sick would it be? i'd be the one hitting you with my boot and screaming you die bitch you died. i'd never buy that system, if i was me i would order the m6xx kit, and get a new case, a faster hd, and try it again. Or at least that's what i would do. I would be proud of it. Wow, you guys are just clueless. That case will hold the 450 anywhere near as well as the 500. So you don't get the silence, but you do get more capacity. Why the hell do you want a faster hd? You can have a 600 and it will run just as fast, if not faster than the 450. The only problem is that the newer motherboards and such won't run on the older power supply that it came with, so that might be an issue. well, obviously, i was looking at the system, but if i were to have that type of system, i'd go with an EVGA Nvdia 660 Ti. I'm looking at 646v 512 with 3gb of ram, vs 575v with 2gb of ram. though i think the system with 646 v 512 is better, i just don't want to mess with a to me unknown hd. And as far as hd space goes, i am not interested in 3gb of ram, i just think it is insane to have that much ram in a system. Maybe i just want too much. Click to expand... have you actually looked into the 660 Ti, or




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Reb Refresh Package 2.0.rar

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